Wordpress powered websites from PF Web Designs


WordPress is a powerful, open-source program used by millions of websites and web-designers around the globe.  With dozens of built in features, as well as thousands of plugins and add-ons, WordPress gives designers endless possabilities to create beautiful, feature rich websites.

PF Web Designs has been using WordPress to design, build and run its websites since 2015.  The website your looking at now is built on WordPress, coupled with the OceanWP Theme.

Here's just a few of the reasons we love it :

  • Choose from thousands of themes to create bespoke websites that fit your brand and style
  • Endless possibilities with tens of thousands of plugins to enhance your website
  • Built in security features mean your website and data stay safe
  • Built in Search Engine Optimization means your website will get noticed by Google
  • Desktop, mobile and tablet friendly
  • Link your site with Google Sitekit to analyze your site traffic, improve rankings, sell advertising space and much more
  • Its free to download
  • All PF Web Designs' hosting packages include WordPress as standard

Unleash the true potential of E-Commerce with WordPress and Woocommerce

WordPress can be used to create websites for any industry, brand or theme, but its when you combine it with Woocommerce, that you truly unleash its full potential.  Whatever your product or service,  with Wocommerce you'll be selling your stuff in no time.  And with plugins covering, invoicing, deliveries, memberships, newsletters, marketing and so much more, you'll only be limited by your own energy and imagination!

Why not check out our 'Portfolio' page to see more of the websites we've built.  If you've still got questions, or you're ready to get started, then why not give us a call on 07938 641237 or visit our 'Contact Us' page to send us an email.

Site security built in

Mobile friendly websites

Endless possibilities with WordPress

Built in SEO with WordPress